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"It has been a year of continuity in the process of modernizing our image, procedures and services at Puigverd Assessors"

We conducted an interview with our Puigverd Assessors management team in which they reviewed the entire year 2022 and the objectives and news for 2023.


We conducted an interview with our Puigverd Assessors team in which we reviewed the entire year 2022 and the objectives and news for 2023.

Valuation 2022

- What have been the most requested services by customers? And because?

The most requested service has been the comprehensive legal accounting, tax and labor service. Small and medium-sized businesses need professionals to advise them and allow them to comply with their legal obligations.

These obligations are becoming much greater and require more knowledge, which is why they rely on companies like ours.

Another service in high demand is obtaining digital certificates for both companies and individuals, due to the obligation and the need to communicate with administrations electronically.

- What have been the main difficulties of this year 2022?

The main difficulties that should be highlighted are the constant legal changes that affect companies and the self-employed, and the most complex is communication with the administrations.

- List the main customer problems of this year 2022

  • In the first place, the increase in the campaigns of the administrations, finance and social security, mainly, as well as requirements, inspections, among others.
  • Secondly, the rise in prices that is difficult to pass on implies a reduction in margins, more or less important depending on the sector.
  • Thirdly, the varieties of poorly structured aid and subsidies and with an increase in the administrative burden due to their management.

- Have all the 2022 objectives been met? Which were?

They have been met, the objectives were:

  • Consolidate the current client portfolio.
  • Implement the improvement of computer processes adapted to consulting and our clients (a3hrgo, a3factura, neos portal, document management, etc.). They are management tools that we use to facilitate communication with administrations and our clients.
  • Improve the communication circuits with our clients and make ourselves known via the website and other means.

- What is the balance of Puigverd Asesores for this 2022?

Is positive. It has been a year of continuity in the process of modernizing, updating and improving our image, procedures and services.

Objectives 2023

- What are the goals of Puigverd Assessors in 2023?

  • Increase the pedagogy in the client aimed at reducing risks before the administration, taking into account that the latter has more and more information and will increase checks on companies and the self-employed.
  • Start the adaptation of companies with a view to 2024 of the VERIFACTU program (invoicing of all entrepreneurs - self-employed, SMEs, micro-SMEs, with programs approved by the Treasury and publication of invoices in the cloud of the Tax Agency. Entry into force 01/01 /2024 at the moment).
  • Increase our economic consulting services aimed at making decisions for our clients.
  • Improve our clients' access to the work we do through tools that we already have, such as document management or client-company programs such as a3factura, a3conasesor. And in the future a3innuva (cloud communication).

- What will be the labor, tax, accounting and legal developments to take into account next year?

The novelties at the labor, fiscal, accounting and legal level to take into account next year will be the following:

  • VERIFACT program.
  • New bankruptcy law.
  • Excise duties - mainly recyclable packaging.
  • New tax on large fortunes.
  • New autonomous quoting system.

- What are the main objectives to be achieved by betting on digital communication?

Continue with the digital communication improvement policy, adding various social networks to our communication strategy with new customer communication tools such as the intranet.